How to Find the Best Shop

There are certain things to look for when deciding on a car repair shop. I went to our dealership with the idea in mind of planning a class for the people where we live on how to find a repair shop for their vehicle. This is crucial since your car takes you everywhere and people need to know they have a choice.

Contract Car Dealerships

It does not matter which make of vehicle you drive, any of the contract dealerships can fix your car. These dealerships should be used for repairs, work that is covered under your warranty and any problems resulting in a recall. Your car will have a warranty from the manufacturer. If it is not clear to you, go to your nearest dealership and have them explain it to you. Or you could call the maker of the auto and ask them. Your owner’s manual should have a number in it for your dealership.

If the dealership you choose is a contract one and your repairs are not under warranty, you should look for mechanics that are ASE certified. This means they have passed very tough testing to ensure they know their business. Make sure they are a member of the Better Business Bureau. They should be willing to give you an understandable version of the problem with your car. A price that will be charged should also be available.

If you have a problem with the any of these things, ask for the service manager and if that is not sufficient, see the manager or the dealer. A good reputation is built by being available to the customers. An open door policy is a given at my dealership’s repair shop and customers are aware of this.

Chain Repair Shops and Privately Owned Shops

Normally a privately owned repair shop is a master technician owner operated business. The legitimate ones will tell you if your car is under warranty or there has been a recall to go to a shop approved by the manufacturer of your vehicle. However, do not blame them if they do not, they may be unaware of the warranty covering your problem. You should know what is covered and what is not.

A number of ways are available for checking the reputation of the shop you choose. Are they formally approved by the AAA? This ensures they have been investigated by the AAA and issued a certification upon passing this scrutiny. Do they have ASE technicians? This is a question you need to ask. ASE certified specialists are available many places – not just at dealerships. This applies to master technicians as well.

If you would like to see the shop and observe the cleanliness and organization, just ask. The busy shop that is moving along in an organized manner is most likely a good choice. The repairs should be guaranteed. Ask about these aspects. How long are they guaranteed? A good car repair business will have two guarantees – one for the labor (this is in case the tech messed up) and one for the parts (in case the part was faulty).

If You Are Undecided If it were not for the fact that my husband owns a dealership, I would not have the first clue as to choosing a repair shop. When it comes to cars, the gas tank and the ignition are about all I know. If it gets more technical than that I am at a loss.

When it comes to the assurance that you will be charged a fair price and the repairs to your car will be of top quality, this is priceless in the repair business. The car repair shops are well aware of this fact as well. When choosing a shop if they seem uninterested in the repairs or your concerns, find another shop. It will be best if you have a problem later.

If you are looking for a recommendation you can trust when it comes to the repairs for your car Warranty Direct is a great choice. An extended car warranty company, they have been helping consumers for 28 years. When it comes to finding the repair shop that are committed to the repair business and customer oriented, this is the company to choose. A list of recommended car repair businesses is available. If you have a favorite shop that you take your car to and they are not on this list, recommend to the owner to check Warranty Direct for how to become a member.