Auto Repair Advertising – What You Must Know To Win Online

PPC auto repair advertising has become one of the most costly ways to get the word out online. The reason for this is because almost every shop with a website is bidding on the same keywords. Do you really see yourself spending up to $5.50 each time somebody clicks to your page? Most of the facility owners are hard pressed to find an edge in the massively over-saturated online market.

But as luck would have it, there is a way to win… local focus.

Google AdWords has a nice little function where a shop owner is able to focus the keywords into a small geographic region. You can specify what states, cities, and metro areas you want to hit. You can also increase/decrease your budget and set parameters around how fast or how slow you want to spend cash.

But the main focus to always keep in mind is that you’re not always better off spending money on the major traffic keywords. Another very important point is to not look like every other ad out there. Do a search, analyze the competition, and then do something more creative.

Think about what the customer sees when he hits your site. Does it look like your phonebook ad? If so, you may wish to make some changes. Since you’re spending all this money anyway, you may want to construct a website that sets you apart from the competition. Offer useful information and a ‘user friendly’ reason for consumers to stick around and do business with you.

Always remember: If you become an information resource for your customers, you will blow the doors off the competition.

Advertising Your Auto Repair Shop With Custom Business Cards

One way to introduce your auto repair shop to your prospective clients is handing them a copy of your business cards. These prints contain the basic information of your business such as its name, location and contact information. These cards don’t act as reference for your business but also as means to market it. By creating your prints with unique and compelling design as well as including the benefits that your business offers, you’ve got persuasive advertising tools at hand. Here are some design ideas that you can use for successful marketing:

Business Card Design Ideas to Market Your Auto Repair Services

o Die-Cut – Take your prints out of the norms and use die-cut cards instead of the traditional rectangular prints. For your auto repair business, you can use cards that are shaped like automobile with a mechanic working on it. For repair shops that have specializations, you can highlight this in your card prints. For example, you can have an auto-shaped prints designed with the engine bay being attended by a mechanic if you focus mainly on engine repairs.

o Folded – These are also known as the tent cards or sometimes referred to as mini-brochures. The main advantage of these prints is that you have extra spaces to include vital information other than your company’s basic information, tagline and the benefits offered. You can list your major auto repair services at one panel and include a map on the other. You can also feature a customization project (if any) that you have done with a client’s car.

o Two-Sided – Take advantage of the space on the other side of your cards. Instead of leaving it blank, you can add information about your auto repair shop. You can list the services that you offer or include a map that your clients can use to find your shop. If you offer body repairs, showcase this using a before and after photo of the vehicle. You can divide the space into two and show the before photo at the left side while the after photo at the right. Include a short caption about these photos.

o Plastic – Should you want card prints that will not only stay in your client’s mind but also stay with them longer, you may opt for plastic cards. Compared to paper stocks, plastics are more durable. Also, these offer vibrant colors and designs when printed. You can even have die-cut prints for your auto repair shop.

o Magnetic – Staying on top of your client’s minds is important if you want your small business to stay alive. So, why not remind them that you offer great auto repair services by handing them magnetic business cards. These can be stuck on refrigerator surfaces where your clients can see them many times a day and be reminded of the services you offer.

Don’t overlook the importance of using your cards as another means of marketing. Since they are your first contact to your prospective clients, it would be better to hit them with persuasive but subtle advertising. Include your auto repair shop’s theme and benefits in your cards and use the ideas above to maximize on your business card marketing. Make your prints stand out – get people to notice your business.

Auto Repair Advertising – Your Top 3.5 Ways To Win

Do you enjoy your auto repair advertising? Does it get your juices flowing thinking about writing another phonebook check? And what about those coupons? How fantastic are they?! I can just see the smile on your face as you think about paying some random company for the pleasure of losing money on each car coming through your bay!

Let me guess – there are not a lot of things making you want to skip off to the shop these days. And why should there be? Most customers seem angry, ignorant or price shopping… you have a gaggle of technicians needing constant monitoring… and to make matters worse you just found out that “Golden Newspaper Campaign” you fell in love with is really going to cost $3,500 a month!

Situations like these make me understand why so many repair professionals have a perpetual dent in their office doors… right at head level. So what’s the fix? You could throw money at it, but when you’re expecting to see a 4/1 ROI and you’re seeing 0/Massive, what would be the point?

The fix is actually easier than you may think.

Auto Repair Advertising Win #1: What Happens When Your Customer Calls?
This can be a cheap fix, and is frequently the most overlooked advertising solution by the majority of small business owners. Who picks up your phone? If they don’t sound intelligent, if they’re not warm and friendly, or if they’re a machine… kiss that new business good by!

Try playing a customer, call your own shop and see what happens. If you find your location lacking in certain phone finesse it may be time for some new tactics and training.

FYI: Do you have an answering machine or service? If not you should get one. Your customers are calling and not having the ability to leave a message is one of the biggest pains ever. (This pain is closely followed by NOT getting a return call!)

Auto Repair Advertising Win #2: What Do You Offer?
Advertising is expensive enough, but what makes it even more costly is not offering something people want. Think about it – if you’re sending out postcards telling the world about something nobody even needs how solid do you think your return will be?

Your quick fix is to ask your customers. Next time you’re chatting with someone pick their brains as to what would make them want to come back. Ask lots of those questions to lots of those people. You’ll be amazed what you discover!

Asking what people want and then selling it to them is the most fundamental form of business! Don’t guess. You don’t have to. They may not know right off the top of their heads, but if you start to ask questions, probe a bit, you’ll begin uncovering the truth.

Auto Repair Advertising Win #3: Your Website Looks Like What?!?!
You are online to get the word out. Right? You want that violent majority of local consumers thinking of you when they dance the Google… Yes? Let’s say they find you – what does your website offer?

You should have information ready to go when your customer comes clicking. Check your page… now look at your phonebook ad… now check your page… now look at your phonebook ad… do they look similar?

Remember: “normal people” neither know, nor want to know anything about their cars. The only time a person, outside of an auto enthusiast, cares about their vehicle is when it’s broken! Then what they drive becomes the sole focus of their universe.

Please also keep most of those ‘normies’ see auto repair as being ‘shrouded in mystery’. So if they do find you online… if you’re not Johnny-On-The-Spot with the info they may just click over to your competitors.

Auto Repair Advertising Win #3.5: (Bonus Round!) If you’re looking to cut down on your advertising budget, maybe trim some fat, but are worried about losing potential customers I have 2 places where you can start the cutting…

3.5 A – Get Out Of The Phonebook! It’s decreased in readership to a degree which makes it totally useless. And now with the availability of inexpensive, and vastly more effective online tools, continuing this spending is just like flushing the toilet.

3.5 B – Stop Using Massive Newspaper Ads! Like the phonebook, newspapers have decreased in readership to the tune of about 86%+.

Auto Repair Advertising Wining Game Plan: Put The Whole Thing Together

When you choose to implement these ideas it should look something like this:
Dropping the phonebooks saves you money –> Money saved is used towards answering machine and customer service training for reception –> the new business generated by having a ‘friendly front end’ allows you to ask more customers what they would like from your shop –> by paying attention to what they say, you not only improve your advertising offers, but you’re also able to improve your Internet presence… and in less than 3 months you dominate your local market and open a national chain…

Okay, the last part was a bit much, but it’s not too far fetched once you start to realize effective advertising doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. In fact, if you would like some other ideas, I’m offering Free Online Courses which you may find interesting. (Just click the link the bio box below)